Mole Screening

Mole screening is one of the most advanced methods for the early diagnosis of skin cancer. Using a medical camera called a dermascope, a microscopic image can be taken of your mole(s). The images are then quickly analysed giving you an instant diagnosis and then stored for follow-up appointments.

Mole Screening for moles on skin

Two scanning techniques are available:

Total mole screening

Total body screening is for people who have a large amount of moles to be monitored.

Approximately 17 images are taken and any large or suspicious moles are marked and patients are asked to return 3 – 6 months later for a follow up appointment. During this appointment, all images are re-taken and are digitally compared to the originals to see if any changes have occurred. This is an excellent way of keeping a regular check on moles to identify any changes or increase in numbers.

Individual mole screening and mole removal

If you are only concerned about one mole, individual mole screening can be performed. Two images are taken – an overall image of the mole and a microscopic image. These images are then analysed. Results are instant and give an indication as to whether the mole is safe. This is only used as a guideline and your Practitioner will decide whether the mole should be removed or monitored.

Skin cancers are often curable if diagnosed early so these procedures play an important part in detecting the disease. Mole screening is highly recommended for most people, particularly if you enjoy excessive sun exposure.

Should your results indicate a mole or lesion needs to be removed, Absolute Aesthetics are able to arrange the surgical excision, usually within 24 hours by a GP or Consultant Surgeon. Suspicious lesions will then be sent to histology for further checks and confirmation. A GP referral is not required for this service.

Mole Screening - skin cancer analysis

Mole Screening is effective for

  • Skin lesions
  • Skin cancer detection

Mole Screening treatment summary

Recovery Time: None
Treatment time: 60 minutes
Number of treatments: 1
Longevity of results: Reviews as required
Approximate cost: £199
Course advised: Regular reviews

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