Underarm sweat? Life changing procedure

If you sweat ………..

If you sweat excessively then you will relate to this story.

This is an honest and open account from Vicki Smith, Practitioner and Director of Absolute Aesthetics. Vicki has suffered the upset and embarrassment of underarm sweating since her teenage years.

This is her story in her own words.

How did sweating affect your everyday life?

I work in close proximity to patients so was very conscious of any wet patches and odour from my underarms in case they might notice. I have been known to use alcohol several times in a day to wipe over the skin to keep it clean and odour free.

I have had to be selective on the types of clothes, colours and fabrics I wear. The synthetic fabrics make the sweating worse and pale colours show the wet patches. It can be very limiting and I constantly worry about how much I sweat.

What other treatments have you previously tried?

I have tried some of the strong deodorants but they made my underarm skin very sore and dry. I then opted to have muscle relaxing injections regularly and this made a massive difference but only stopped the problem for a few months. I’m 36 and started with the muscle relaxing injections at the age of 24.

What were the limitations of previous treatments?

The effects of the muscle relaxing injections lasted about 8 months. Over time, the skin under my arms became so thick and toughened that the injections become more painful and it was not a permanent solution.

How did you find the miraDry procedure?

The procedure itself was painless. It is a heat treatment so to make it comfortable, local anaesthetic was injected into the underarm area. That was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure as it was a little stingy. The rest was straightforward with no discomfort at all.

Sweat reduction using miraDry


How long did it take to recover post procedure?

Recovery was not a problem. I was surprised by how little it affected my normal activities afterwards. I used ice packs intermittently for the first 48 hours to help with the heat and inflammation. I did have some colourful bruising for about 6 days. I decided to avoid exercise for about 1 week post treatment.

I did not feel the need to take any pain relief after the procedure and was back at work the following day. I would say I was aware of the area for a couple of weeks but after a month, I had completely forgotten I’d had the procedure done.

As an aside, I have noticed some hair loss in the area – which is another benefit!

How soon after your miraDry procedure did you notice an improvement in your sweating?

Straight away. As I was a heavy sweater, I may need a second session but this will be reviewed in 3 months. I would say it is about 70% better than before.

Has the procedure changed your life?

It is life changing for me. I do not feel the need to wear deodorant and I can wear anything I choose without worrying.

Would you recommend it and why?

Most definitely. It has made a massive different to my confidence and I can get on with my job without worrying about wet patches and odour.

The procedure was simple, non-invasive and I felt thoroughly supported throughout.


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