Happy Mother’s Day – how being a mum affects your skin

This Mother’s Day we thought we would look at how pregnancy can affect the skin and what can be done to counteract any conditions that have remained after you have had your baby.

Having spoken to several of our patients who are mums, we compiled a list of the top three skin complaints they were left with post-pregnancy.

Mother's Day


During pregnancy you may have experienced grey / brown patches appear symmetrically on your face. Sometimes referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’, this is clinically referred to as Chloasma Gravidarun or Melasma.

During pregnancy, changing hormones will increase pigmentation levels in the skin and cause these marks to appear. The good news is they tend to improve in appearance or disappear completely after childbirth.

If they don’t, we would recommend a Mesoestetic Dermamelan skin peel. This peel reduces and eliminates the skin blemishes by temporarily stopping melanin production. By stopping production, it allows time for flaking and for the macrophagic cells to remove the melanin deposits.

Spider Veins

An increase in blood volume during pregnancy brings more blood to the skin. This can be one of the reasons that some lucky mums experience the wonderfully radiant ‘pregnancy glow’. But, this increased volume of blood, can also create additional pressure on your blood vessels and this can result in small, thread-like veins appearing on the face.

These pesky little veins can so easily be treated with a procedure called Electro Surgery where heat is used to destroy the vessel so that its contents dry up, leaving the skin to heal and the dead skin cells to flake away.

Skin Tags

The bane of many! These harmless little growths of skin appear on the skin surface or dangle from a thin stalk off the body.

During pregnancy they are likely to develop in places where there is excessive rubbing such as tops of thighs, breast line (think bra strap rub), underarms and around the groin.

As with the red veins, skin tags are very easily removed with Electro Surgery. Quick and painless, many can be removed in one 15 minute session.

And finally, for the lucky mums who reaped the benefits and enjoyed healthy looking skin, a HydraFacial procedure is the perfect way to get back that wonderful, radiant healthy glow enjoyed during pregnancy.

Mother's Day

HydraFacial treatment will get back that radiant and healthy glow

On behalf of Absolute Aesthetics, we would like to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day.

No procedures can be carried out during pregnancy or for mothers who are breast feeding.

We always recommend a consultation prior to any treatment.

For more information or to make an appointment, please telephone 01483 477 189 or 020 3757 7178.

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