Glowing review of Collagen Booster

The Absolute Aesthetics Collagen Booster procedure received a ‘glowing’ review in the Sunday Express ‘S Magazine’.

The piece, entitled ‘Ready, Steady glow’ said of the procedure “if your skin is feeling tired and sluggish, the Collagen Booster treatment is a great way to improve your complexion and get your skin glowing”.

After one treatment, the tester found her skin to be incredibly plumped and smoother, describing it as a very thorough, intense treatment, which gave incredible results.

collagen booster

Daily Express ‘S Magazine’ Sunday 15th October 2017


Absolute Aesthetics – Collagen Booster patient

This patient in her late 60’s showed visible loss of collagen and elastin in her skin. She also suffered with rosacea and broken capillaries in her cheeks.

As part of the treatment, pictures where taken before her first treatment using a Visia analysis machine.

collagen booster treatment

Pre-treatment. The Visia System highlights the red veins underneath the skin

During the first treatment, setting of the IPL machine was determined by the patient’s skin type and tolerance to the procedure.

After the first treatment, redness in the cheeks was visibly reduced and the skin looked brighter.

Post treatment, the patient was advised to stay away from any heat for up to 24 hours and to wear a sun protection factor 50 when outdoors.

When the patient returned for her second treatment, she informed the Practitioner that she was shocked by the results of the first treatment and felt it had already made a difference, particularly to the lines around her eyes.

Treatment two

During the second treatment, the patient was advised on which clinical skin care products would really help her skin reach its full potential.

A second set of Visia images were taken and the results showed reduction in redness and lines around the eyes.

Treatment three

When the patient returned for her third treatment, it was already clear to see the overall improvement in her skin. It looked brighter and more youthful. Her neck also looked tighter and more refined. The patient was very happy and confident in herself.

After the third treatment, a final set of Visia images were captured so that before / after images could be compared. As expected, line reduction around the eyes was clearly visible and redness in the cheeks had subsided. The patient’s skin was brighter and elasticity levels had improved. There was also an added plumpness to the skin which was not expected as the patient is very tiny and claims she had not put on any weight.

Collagen booster procedure

Pre and post images taken with the Visia

collagen boost

The Visia can demonstrate improvements to the condition of the skin



The patient was overjoyed with the results and subsequently invested in a course of six treatments to continue improving and maintaining results.

How many treatments do we recommend?

We recommend a course of six treatments to really see a big difference to the skin.

If treating a specific concern such as rosacea or pigmentation, the patient may need additional treatments which would depend on severity of the concern.

Each treatment will be spaced four weeks apart making it a monthly treatment.

For more information or to make an appointment for a consultation please email or telephone 01483 477 189 or 020 3757 7178.

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