45 minutes to perfect party skin

Perfect party skin with HydraFacial

In between the list writing, food shopping, gift shopping, present wrapping, tree decorating, nativity play attending and more food shopping – hands up who has time to follow a 7 day guide on how to get your skin looking radiant and party perfect for Christmas?

With only a few weeks left until the big day, time is valuable and the list of chores seems endless. For our ‘time poor’ clients who want to look fresh faced at Christmas, we¬†recommend they schedule one or two HydraFacial procedures.

The 45 minute, six stage HydraFacial procedure provides instant results and is the secret to looking as fresh faced and sparkly as the Christmas tree fairy.

perfect party skin

Six stage process

Each stage works to detoxify the skin and remove the dead skin cells that make the surface appear grey and dull. Gentle suction removes debris such as blackheads and a cocktail of anti-oxidant serums and hyaluronic acid will target skin problems such as fine lines, brown spots, sun damage and enlarged pores.

Pores are tightened, skin feels hydrated and fine lines are softened.

HydraFacial then foundation

Preparing your skin for makeup will ensure that it goes on evenly and stays there. The healthier your skin looks to start with, the better your makeup will look.

In general, our skin does not look it’s best at this time of year and when the skin looks and feels dry, it can be a challenge to get your foundation to look flawless and not accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Dry, rough patches of skin are a foundation’s number one enemy. As the HydraFacial procedure also hydrates, it leaves the skin silky smooth, making it far more accepting of products. Perfect for avoiding a ‘cakey’ foundation party disaster.

Book your appointment

The Hydrafacial procedure is available at both our London and Guildford clinics. Call on 01483 477 189 or 020 3757 7178 to make your appointment.

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