Obagi Skin Care Event

Wednesday 19th July

We are hosting an Obagi skin care event at our Bond Street Clinic on Wednesday 19th July.

Guests on the day will meet with a qualified practitioner for a personal, one to one and in-depth skin analysis where concerns can be discussed and advice and recommendations for skin care or treatments made.

Many conditions on the surface of the skin originate from the deeper skin layers. As these are difficult to diagnose with the human eye, our practitioner will use an imaging system that can visualise skin conditions in greater detail.

We ask that you pay £20 to confirm your 45 minute appointment. The £20 can be redeemed towards Obagi products or procedures purchased on the day.

If you are suitable, there will be plenty of time during the appointment for you to experience an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Skin Peel at the reduced cost of *£40 (normal price £80).

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